CDL Training Pro has the most comprehensive and up to date Free CDL Practice Tests online. The CDL Training Pro has helped thousands achieve their dreams of becoming truck drivers with our Free CDL Practice Tests. After twelve years of being a director of multiple truck driving school locations and a director of driver recruiting for a multimillion dollar trucking company, I decided to share what has made our drivers so successful. The CDL Training Pro provides the exact curriculum and list of questions that have proven success when taking your CDL exams. Here you will find the most up to date Free CDL Practice Tests online.


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2018 Free CDL Practice Tests

Feel confident when walking in to take your DMV Written Test. With our proven up to date Free CDL Practice Test you will breeze through your written test and be on your way to a new rewarding truck driving career. With CDL Training Pro you will receive the most up to date proven CDL test questions and answers. With my test you will be well on your way to a new rewarding career.

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CDL Training Pro Blog

After years of training people from all walks of life for their CDL Practice Tests I have found a very common theme. Most individuals have no idea how much is involved in becoming a part of the trucking industry. A truck driver today is so much more than just a “steering wheel holder”. Todays trucker is much more technologically advanced and  has many more responsibilities than ever before. A typical person studying for their CDL Practice Test will find themselves skimming through the state provided CDL handbook trying to pick out what they view as important. This becomes overwhelming for most people. Through many years of teaching and training drivers to get their CDL what I found that works best is sticking with the individual sections one by one until you have mastered each one. For example, there is no reason to rush on to the Hazmat Test section when you haven’t mastered the General Knowledge Test sections. I have also found that taking the exact type of CDL written test that you will take at the DMV is paramount to your success. You will be able walk in with confidence knowing you have completed tests with the same information and the same amount of questions as what your state’s DMV Written Test will be. Most of all, as a director of CDL training, I have the pleasure of teaching students directly every day to achieve their goals of becoming a CDL driver. I teach and train over 600 students every year. The data that is collected from over 3000 tests that are taken throughout each year is then put back into my CDL Practice Test. The CDL Training Pro site is where I now share that invaluable information so that you can all achieve your goals of becoming a CDL holder and professional driver. Through this blog I will offer additional tips and tricks to acing those CDL Practice Test. I will offer expert advice and information on passing your CDL skills test. In addition, I will provide you with keys to success in becoming a successful, efficient, professional driver. Your new career starts with CDL Training Pro.

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